The ideal basic unit of society is the home and family, where women play a vital and definitive role. Furthermore, as natural providers of hope, women play an important part in shaping society. Therefore any fellowship of women in which Christian influence is exerted and practical help given benefits not only the individual and the family, but also the nation. Women’s Ministries provide a program of meetings and other activities based on the fourfold aim of the Army’s international women’s organization, the Home League, which was inaugurated in 1907. The aims are: Worship, Education, Fellowship and Service.


Here in Miami, we have Home League meetings in each of the four Corps/Churches of The Salvation Army. If interested in attending one of these meetings, feel free to call any of the local Corps/Church closest to your area to get more information.

Speak a different language than Engish, no problem. The Home League meetings are also held in Spanish and Creole for those whose native language are the above mentioned.

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